PHERES is an extremely light and elastic 3d-printed shoe concept. The project was developed together with Eric Esser to showcase his research in 3D printed auxetic structures by using the “FDM” (fused deposition modeling) process. The developed structures give the upper material and the sole an elastic property and adapt to the foot like a second skin.

Shoes are often made of different materials, especially plastics. These are difficult or impossible to separate and cannot be returned to the value chain or composted With PHERES, the upper material and the sole are made separately from the same material (TPU) and then welded together in an uncomplicated process. By waiving thread (seams) or glue, the shoe can be melted down again after its lifetime and then processed into a new shoe or another product. Shoes can also be produced on demand in this way, which significantly advances the sustainability aspect.

PHERES is one of the finalists of the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2019

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