NomNom is an ecological cutlery set that is significantly more durable than conventional eco-alternatives due to its biological coating. All objects are completely plant-based and 100% biodegradable. The innovation of NomNom lies in its surface: a purely biological coating makes the objects water-resistant. It also gives the material a much smoother surface, reminiscent of plastic, which feels much more pleasant on the mouth and lips than conventional products without a coating. Unlike many other biological finishes, the melting point of the coating used on NomNom lays above 80°C. This is not only important for use in contact with hot food, but also allows it to be used in hot beverage applications, such as Coffee or Tea. Here, too, NomNom promises great potential.

The coating infiltrates deeply into the wood pores and seals the surface permanently. It makes the surface not only water-repellent, but also more durable, which is particularly beneficial for the knife’s cutting edge. The extremely resistant coating results in the possibility to clean the cutlery and also to re-use it several times. The cup is bonded with an ecological adhesive based on lime and casein which makes it extremely resistant to moisture.

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