lumo is a casted pendulum lamp made of aluminium.
The design of lumo is characterised by the technical necessities of the built-in LED. Due to the strong heat emission of those LEDs they have to be mounted onto a big heatsink in order to absorb and redirect the heat into the environment and to protect the LEDs from overheating. This should not mean, however, that the object‘s appearance needs to be obviously technical, quite the opposite: The technical part in lumo is being compensated by an organic form language. I followed the idea of having the entire lamp serving as a heatsink. Hence, one object is produced which fulfills both the formal aesthetical requirements of a lamp and at the same time all the technical necessities for the cooling of the LED. The cast part accommodates the technical intelligence for the entire periphery, such as the LED and the strain relief and provides the cavity for the cabling.

The casting is made in cooperation with Gießerei Behr / Berlin

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