Cherry-Cup is a menstrual cup that replaces the conventional tampon. Unlike to existing products on the market our design brings certain features that makes it unique. Through the 3d printing the cup can be adjusted to the individual morphology of each woman which is essential for such a personal item. By offering a 3d-Printed solution the Cherry-Cup guarantees the highest level of comfort possible.

The design consists of two main parts; a funnel-shaped opening that ends in a small passage and a spherical container that can hold a high capacity of liquid. The technical intelligence of the object lays in a membrane between the funnel and the container which hold the blood safety inside the cup. This unique system can only be realized through the use of 3D printing.Next to its highly functional aspects Cherry-Cup also has been designed to be a friendly and cute object that makes it easier to create an emotional bond.

The project has been realized in close teamwork with Paula Crayon.

The Silicon 3d-print is kindly supported by the Swiss company Spectroplast.

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