Installation at “Tracing Utopia”

Allgemein 5. July 2017

Together with Dominik Annies and Daniel Theis I participated in the Exhibition “Tracing Utopia”. On the traces of utopian thinking we explored a secret place which layer hidden for your eyes. Your installation follows the traces of “Utopia”, inspired by the idea of an invisible part of our life. It raises the question of what else is there in between the matters of space and time.

The exhibition will be presented at the  Starke Foundation in Berlin-Grunewald.

Opening and Introduction:
Friday, 07 July 2017 I 7 – 10 pm
Opening times: 07. – 31. July 2017
Mo. – Do. 10 am – 5 pm
Fr. 10 am – 2:30 pm
Free entry

Stiftung Starke | Koenigsallee 30, 14193 Berlin | M19 Hasensprung

Inside the Grid – shown at Vorspiel Transmediale

Allgemein 15. February 2017

My collection of digital modified Objects Inside the Grid is going to be exhibited in the context of  vorspiel transmediale at designtransfer. The exhibition will deal with matter which cannot be directly experienced such as the hidden world of particles, ions, molecules and waves, as well as the invisible yet highly politically significant structures consisting of big data and metadata. The show will display an intriguing collection of investigative and experimental works made by students from the product design course led by Prof. Axel Kufus, Johanna Schmeer und Hanna Wiesener.

Exhibition Opening Times: 17 & 18 February, 12:00-18:00

Sand Casting Success

Allgemein 19. January 2017

I had the idea in mind for a sand casting project for quite awhile. Now I am happy to present the first tries and results of my casting project. The first casts were a big success. I learned a lot about the behavior of the mould and could make some adjustments. The only major change was an additional riser that prevented a sink mark at the top.

The sand molds consist of a mixture of silica sand and sodium silicate. The two materials are chemically exposed to the addition of CO2 and produce extremely hard sand molds. For this I designed a simple system to fill the mold boxes with CO2. I used glass fiber rods for the necessary  sprue holes, as well as vents, which could be inserted in the 3D-printed master form.